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Abakan Forest
a Family Cattery

Welcome to the cattery Abakan Forest!
Photo de chatons.

We are a small cattery of Siberian cat in centre of Paris - France (to visit the cattery HERE).

Photo of a kitten siberian cat Abakan Forest.

Since our childhood, we lived with cats without pedigree. We have experienced many adventures and have had too many kittens.

When our two daughters arrived in our life, we decided to get a beautiful breed cat and to become a professional breeder. So we discovered Siberian cat, his gorgeous fur and character.

The search for our cat took time and allowed us to discover the race and the middle of cat breeding. Very naturally, becoming in turn has imposed breeder and has guided our choice for our first cat.

The Siberian cat has become a passion.

We prefer the classic tabby and looking with a good standard for our future cattery. We also wanted it to be higher in family to have the habit of seeing the world and children.

Logo Sekret Akkem cattery in Poland

After considering the pedigree charts of parents and health records, we looked at a range of Cattery SEKRET AKKEM in Warsaw.

When we contacted Dorota Özdemir, she advised us Tiju among the kittens because she was breeding quality and had a very sweet character, she could see at home with children. We have therefore reserved.

Photo of the face of a Siberian look wild.

A week before her departure from Warsaw, Tiju participated in an exhibition FiFe to Krakow with her breeder: EXC 1 and nominated for BIS as a kitten and also a complete litter!

Arriving at home, Tiju was well acclimated to our company and lifestyle. The first two days were a little difficult, we felt like bringing a newborn home.
Several times during the night, she meowed and demanding hugs. The third day, she made her whole night without waking us up and that's until today.
Now she is part of the family, she is just our third baby!

barre de séparation faite de petites pattes de chat

Abakan Forest project

Our project has materialized cattery of siberians cats when we started to get in contact with French Siberian's breeders.

logo of our cat's club

We've joined the Club of Siberian Feline (CFS). It was founded in October 2005. The association is affiliated with LOOF since January 23, 2006. Its President is Cecile Gautier from the cattery Artannes.

We participate in training courses offered by UMES at the Veterinary School of Maisons Alfort (93).

Site banner of UMES

We got our graduate of breeder: the CETAC in June 2010. Our number of registration is the C-1479.

We got our affix (breeding name) with ABAKAN FOREST from LOOF. This name is a reminder to the ancestors of our cat lineage Abakan and also the steppe region of Abakan in south Siberia from which our Siberians.

Photo of Ianouchka kitten.

We have expanded our cattery with the arrival of Asia in August 2010: a kitten with a wonderful color rather surprising.

And in 2013, we decided to keep at home Ianouchka, the Asia daughter's. Asia and Ianouchka were inseparables.

In 2015, Asia died after complication with her pregnantie with 3 kittens. We were all very sad at home.
We keep going in the cattery with Tiju and Ianouchka.
In 2017, Tiju retire. She can have rest and calm.
Today we have projects like: to get beautiful kittens with Ianouchka. We also welcome people at home to discover siberian cats and also sometime to test cat's allergies.

Our goal is to breed Siberians, healthy and strong with a great character and good lines.

Our cats live with us and participate in our daily lives.
We feed our cats only with the special cat food of the highest quality fresh fish, meats (offal), chicken on a daily basis.

Photo of Asia 2 years and half.

We care a lot of well-being of our future kittens and it is very important to us that they are part of the family. Our cats have plenty of space with lots of activities. We have several terraces where they can go outside whenever they want throughout the year. These gardens are very popular, much like our cats spend long periods in summer and winter. They like to run, play, and of course hunting birds, flies...

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On media

We may be asked by photographers for professional photo shooting or by journalists for filming wildlife magazines.

Photo of studio photo.

It is with pleasure that we accept these invitations.
You can see some of the photos on these pages:
Go to gallery Loft zen. Go to gallery A la neige. Go to gallery Au ski. Go to gallery Studio pro. Go to gallery A la campagne. Go to gallery Cadeau. Go to gallery Sweet Home. Go to gallery Boheme.

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The Siberian cat

"A look wild, natural beauty"

Love is a cat, a quiet strength. Anything but indifferent, it is very affectionate and very sociable.

With great vitality, it can be very active. Despite its strong personality, strong character, Siberians are very sociable with other dogs. Player, it gets along well with children. Hug, it is very attached to its master. Hit voice is soft.

Siberians are known for being a "cat-dog". The Siberian has a reputation for solving problems and as a dog, it is loyal to its adoptive family, so it is very popular in homes where generally there are dog lovers. Siberians will greet you at the door when you arrive and it will follow you around the house. It will oversee the guests arrive and come to meet them.
Its endearing personality so often results in adopting a second cat Siberian as quickly, one is not enough!

Photo of a beautiful cat Siberian Krasnoyarsk, the Siberian native lines were crossed with the first lines of Moscow.

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The standard LOOF cats Siberians

Each cat breed has a standard defined in detail.
The Siberian is defined by its squat appearance and dense hair mid-length.


It is different from its cousins: the Maine Coon and Norwegian, in size, generally smaller and the shape of his head.
The Norwegian is characterized by a head form a triangle and a right nasal stops.
Main-Coon is especially remarkable for the shape of its snout.

Every detail: eyes, ears, nose... standard attribute a number of points. The whole side is 100 points. A well-typed beautiful cat is around 90 to 100 points. The ideal is to be between 98 and 100.
At cat shows, depending on the number of points obtained, the cat will or not his title.
If you want more information, please read our section Standard of Siberian cat. You will also find the race card of LOOF and some statistics on the number of pedigreed allocated by the LOOF each year.

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The Siberian cat history

The Siberian cat, native forests of Russia, has emerged in history there are over 1000 years. It lived about 200 years in its natural state, in the extreme cold of Siberia. It has developed all-natural, without human intervention. The Siberian Cat is considered one of the largest cats because of its dense bone structure and important.
Due to the extremely cold climate, these cats have developed superior qualities of survival such a thicker skin, a coat of water repellent, a fur denser and longer without undercoat and not forming node. The pedigree first official race was established in Russia by Kotefei in 1987. It finally arrived in the United States in the early 1990s, imported by Starpoint Cattery and Europe, the same year by the Newjskij Cattery in Germany.
To know more precisely the history of its origins, we offer a page dedicated to this subject: History of the Siberian cat

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To go deeper, we also invite you to read the articles by Alex Kolesnikov, PhD in molecular genetics in Russia:

We do not necessarily everything that Alex Kolesnikov claimed it to everyone to make his own opinion.

There is great controversy about the Siberian Neva Masquerade cats.
Our choice of raising the classic Siberian is a choice of taste. For us, the cat Neva Masquerade is a Siberian cat.